About Your Organization: Jindal Gems was started by Mr Satish Kumar Agrawal who earlier started in jewelry trade as broker.After few years of brokerage he started manufacturing of Gemstones & Gemstone Beads.With time span of 30 years he made  organization to a huge enterprise with one of the biggest stocks of Gemstone Beads with all qualities.At Jindal Gems all products are manufactured in the enterprise where the rough(raw material) of the gemstones are being sourced directly from the mines of Tanzania,Brazil,Mozambique,Madagascar,Zambia,Nigeria & Afghanistan.At the mines there are employees of Jindal Gems who regularly buy the gemstone roughs to be sent at Jindal Gems premises for manufacturing purpose thus getting best gemstone beads at wholesale prices.At Jindal Gems custom orders are always welcomed due to huge stock of roughs which can be manufactured according to the customer’s need.

About Your Products : At the website one can find all kind of products including Precious & Semi Precious Gemstone Beads in which we categorize Precious Gemstone Beads with Emerald,Sapphire,Ruby & Multi Precious Gemstone Beads whereas we categorize semi precious gemstone beads as A Grade Gemstone Beads & B Grade Gemstone Beads.In A grade gemstone beads the beads are of good quality which might range from normal to high quality products which is further being categorized as:

             A  : Normal Quality
            AA  : Better Quality Than A which would have good making & cutting
           AAA  : Top Quality which would have Fine Quality,Making & Cutting
          AAA+  : Extra Fine Quality which have Fine Quality & Micro Cut Cutting.
In B Grade Gemstone beads the beads are of commercial quality where the stone would be included & making,cutting might not be so good.It is also being Further categorized as:

              B : Commercial Quality with price attraction
            BB : Better Than B with a bit of luster in stone
           BBB : Good Quality in Commercial Range with good price attraction

At Jindal Gems you can also find Diamond Beads,Cut Stone & Cabochon(Custom Order),Silver Studded Diamond Beads And Silver Bezel Set Items.

New Products Launching : For New products we will be intimating the customers regularly,also they can check for new arrivals at this link:

How Are You Different Or Best From Your Competitors: Jindal Gems is sourcing all of its roughs directly from the mines with its own manufacturing unit thus getting the best quality output at the wholesale prices.Moreover At jindal gems customers get quality satisfaction as we only send the goods which are exactly displayed on website and all of the goods are of natural origin with no synthetic inside.At Jindal gems the treatment if made is clearly stated for eg Dyed,Coated,Glass Filled thus customers can feel free to buy without any hesitation.

Products Manufacturing Process ( if you are a manufacturer ) :
For gemstone beads manufacturing there are different stages of manufacturing which involves:

  1. Assortement : Assortment of rough is being done which comes from the mines as from the mines everything comes so the best is being selected to get the best quality gemstone beads.
  2. Slicing     : The stones are being sliced according to the shape which is being needed.
  3. Shaping     : The stones after getting from slicing is being shaped according to gemstone beads needed.
  4. Cutting & Polishing : The stones are then sent for cutting in which different types of cutting are being done,which is further being sent for polishing to get the shine on Gemstone.
  5. Girdle Finishing : After getting the stone from polishing its girdle is being polished.
  6. Drilling    : The gemstone after getting from polishing is being drilled according the gemstone beads needed.
  7. Threading  : The drilled stones are being threaded and presented to customers for selling.

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