The Challenges of Buying Bulk Gemstones in India (And how we can help)

July 15 2022

Are you wondering about top-notch bulk gemstones in India? Indeed, there are various types of gems, including quartz and crystal beads, that you need to look at as per your requirements. Also, there are several gemstone sellers in the market, but you must get the most authentic one.

You can get information about gemstones and their properties on the internet, but it would be best not to trust any random sources. We can help you find the best gemstone for astrological purposes or as a jewel.

Challenges of buying bulk gemstones in India

Gemstones are not just worn as Jewelry but also hold value as astrological gems and healing tools. Many fraudulent gemstone beads wholesalers use different tricks to sell faux gems as accurate.

Authenticity -

A common practice among gemstone dealers is filling cracks in precious stones. No wonder the stone's quality is one of the most significant issues faced by gemstone dealers. It would be best if you do not blindly trust the local laboratories and their quality checks.

Sample -

A few samples are shown to potential buyers when gemstone lots are sold. Indeed, artificial and small gemstones are also delivered in some cases. It is not possible to check every precious or semi-precious stone on the lot; in such cases, buyers sometimes purchase stones with little value for money.

Limited Scope -

Although jewelers look for the best products at low prices, this industry is risky, so they rely on trust factors to make purchases. Due to this challenge, they find limited purchasing gems and jewelry options.

Role of middlemen -

When third parties are involved in precious stones deals, the price tends to be higher. Indeed such practices happen as several times third parties are not honest and thus impact the overall budget of both buyers and sellers.

Seal of purity

It is crucial to note that buying UN-certified gems and diamond beads jewelry is risky because most gems contain impurities that are hard to identify by sight or touch. To identify these flaws, you must ensure that all gemstones are checked in government labs; thus, it is advised to buy certified gems.

Know the industry trends -

One can't deny those specific gemstone dealers are often unaware of the trends in this business. The gems and jewelry industry is enormous, unorganized, and affected by several factors like merchandise, import, and annual consumption; thus, buyers may not receive accurate information all the time.

Buy from Authentic Sellers -

You'd be shocked to note that certain gemstone beads suppliers in India often try to mislead customers by offering the wrong product description. Several reputable dealers also cheat on their sales, so buyers should research the dealers' products and compare them before buying.

Go Online -

When you buy gems, the price and quality of the gemstones must be justified. When shopping online, you need to remember that there is a risk of misrepresentation in images. It would be best if you relied on pictures for gemstone shopping puts your safety at risk.

Wrapping Up

I hope you got complete information from this article regarding buying gemstones in India. However, one must overcome several challenges to get an authentic gemstone, especially when you need it in bulk; the seller needs to be the trusted one. So, we have tried to convey maximum information and help through this article.