Various Gemstone Beads Used for Making Beaded Jewelry

October 21 2020

Jewelry making is a process that is done in various ways depending on the type of jewelry you are working on. If it is specifically stone jewelry, then all kinds of precious gemstones and semi-precious ones are used. These jewelry pieces are also a bit expensive as all the precious stones are used in the jewelry. Whereas when it comes to beaded jewelry or jewelry made using beads and gemstones, some special kind of semi-precious gemstones are usually used. Let’s have a quick look at the gemstone beads that are used for making beaded jewelry.


We all know that semi precious gemstones are very popular nowadays and are available in various shapes and colors. Amethyst is one of the unique gemstones which is used for the beaded jewelry-making process. Amethyst gemstone is usually found in a deep purple color. Usually, there is a scientific or logical background behind every gem and why people wear it, so when it comes to Amethyst, people have been wearing it for a long time to prevent drunkenness or hangover. It is also said that the stone provides peace to the wearer.


Jade is another popularly used gemstone by jewelry makers these days. This gemstone is green in color, and the beautiful green attracts the customers towards itself. Jade is a stone that is said to be very closely related to your heart. Hence, most people wear jade as a solution to their heart problems, as recommended by astrologers. Also, jade is a stone that is said to attract money and love towards you, so people who are into Business, or in general, wear jade.


It is one such popular stone that is worn by women mostly. Moonstone is a very beautiful and unique stone, and you can easily identify it with its opaque color that makes it stand out among the others. It is believed that moonstone enhances your feminine energy, and it is closely related to the significance of the moon. Moonstone jewelry looks very delicate, and hence the pregnant women prefer to wear it during the pregnancy as an amulet as recommended by the experts. Moonstone can easily purchased from any Gemstone Beads Manufacturer.

Rose Quartz

The attractive pink colour of rose quartz pulls the attention of every other jewelry lover towards itself. Rose quartz jewelry looks very rich, classy, and decent at the same time. This stone is known as a popular stone for unconditional love. So, for those craving for the love of their life, it is believed that wearing rose quartz could bring romance to their life. It is also said that it increases the self-esteem of a person and hence also provides the required peace to the wearer's mind. Rose quartz is among one of the most purchased semi precious beads online.

If you are a jewelry maker looking for the right place to get your gemstones stock, then you can surely search online for potential wholesalers or manufacturers of semi precious gemstones. Also, you can get connected with them after that for further dealings. There are many sellers who deal in natural gemstone beads in wholesale online as well, so you can simply conduct the deals there. Natural gemstones beads jewelry is a hot market and very much in trend, you shouldn’t miss this chance of growing your business while making the beaded gemstone jewelry, and especially during the festive time. So, what are you waiting for, grab your Gemstones now?