Expert View on the Importance of Tanzanite & Turquoise Beads in Jewelry

April 25 2022

Tanzanite is not at all a common stone. It is a magical stone with a really different lush blue color that could be recognized from far. It is also not easily available as it is not found in too many places. You can only find tanzanite beads near the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Talking about Turquoise beads, it is one of the most beautiful natural gemstone cabochon available on the market. It is called the dupe of yellow sapphire gemstone which is really expensive and not easy to afford. There are a lot of benefits of both these stones for the wearers. Let’s discuss in detail the properties and benefits of these stones.

Tanzanite particularly works on your crown chakras and the throat chakras. It actually stimulates your throat chakras.
Turquoise works on all your chakras and opens them up. It not only heals you physically but mentally as well. It is one of the most powerful stones for healing.
Tanzanite is the birthstone of people born in December.
Turquoise is the birthstone of people born in December.
For tanzanite, the zodiac sign is Libra.
Sagittarius is the zodiac sign for Turquoise.
Tanzanite is generally associated with Saturn.
Turquoise is associated with Jupiter planet.
Numerical Vibrations
Numerical Vibrations of Tanzanite is the number 2.
Numerical Vibrations of Turquoise is the number 1
Tanzanite was originated in Tanzania which is in East Africa and it derives its name from there only.
Turquoise was originated in Turkey.
Typical Colors 
Tanzanite is found in a lot of different colors including pale, grey, yellow, pink, brown, blue, green & violet.
Turquoise is typically available in pale blue and green colors.

Importance of Tanzanite and Turquoise beads in jewelry

Tanzanite and turquoise are some of the most used precious gemstone beads in India in jewelry. These look beautiful studded in every jewelry piece. As they are hard enough to be cut into different shapes, it is really useful in jewelry making. As Tanzanite is available in different colors, a lot of matching jewelry can be customized with Tanzanite. However, the blue and green color of Turquoise looks beautiful in jewelry.

Some facts about wearing Tanzanite and Turquoise beads

People wear both of these stones not just for their looks, but also for a lot of benefits and other reasons behind it. It is believed that tanzanite is one of the rarest stones, even rarer than diamonds. Tanzanite is the symbol of a new life, and it is said to bring good luck in the life of the wearer. People also believe that Turquoise is one stone that brings strength and wealth to one’s life.

Below are some facts that you must consider: 

Invite luck in life

Tanzanite activates the crown chakra

Turquoise works on all chakra 

Tanzanite associates with Saturn 

Turquoise associate Jupiter 

Tanzanite for Libra 

Turquoise for Sagittarius 

Both gemstones bring wisdom and clarity

Bring peace of mind

Both gemstones are ideal and bring positive change in the life of the wearer. Anyone can get it. However, it is suggested to consult with an astrologer if you want to avail its spiritual benefits.  

Where to buy beads online

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