A Look Top 5 Common Birthstone Beads Healing Properties and Characteristics

November 17 2022

Complementary and alternative medicine practitioners commonly use crystals to help the body and mind recover.

Purple amethyst is one such crystal that is reputed to have strength. Although Ayurveda and natural health practitioners could advise utilizing amethysts for healing, there is little evidence to back this up.

Continue reading to learn more about other popular gemstone beads used for physical and emotional healing and the possible therapeutic benefits of amethysts.

Alleged therapeutic properties of amethyst:

Amethysts may be used for the following objectives by practitioners of ayurvedic medicine, crystal healing, reiki, and other complementary and alternative therapies.

Claim of Physical Health:

Amethysts are supposed to offer several physical therapeutic qualities, according to claims made online, including:

  • Improving immunological function
  • Enhancing endocrine performance
  • Enhancing the look of the skin
  • Fostering good intestinal health
  • Headache reduction
  • Controlling hormones

Mental and Emotional Health Claims:

Amethysts have a connection to mental health in myth and legend.

In Greek mythology, the titan Rhea gave the wine god Dionysus an amethyst to keep him calm. Due to this superstition, the ancient Romans believed that amethysts might keep individuals from getting drunk.

Assertions about Metaphysical Attributes:

Amethysts are said to activate the third eye. The third eye is seen as a source of strength and knowledge.

Crystal healers say amethysts improve or hone spiritual perceptions and enlightenment. These are one more untested scientific assertion.

According to metaphysical crystal practitioners, you may place Amethyst geodes or crystals in your house to absorb lousy energy and foster tranquility.

Amethyst employs

Here are some ways you may use amethysts in your life if you want to experience their purported therapeutic properties for yourself:

  • Keep a little amethyst crystal in your pocket or bag.
  • Wear amethyst-based jewelry, like a necklace, bracelet, or ring.
  • Geodes or amethyst crystals can be placed in your house.

Alternative medicine practitioners may position Amethysts and other crystals all over the body to aid healing. Or, they could apply them to the bodily areas connected to specific chakras or energy pathways.

Another application for crystals:

  • Holding them around.
  • Sipping from water bottles with crystals (best to purchase from a trusted manufacturer).
  • Manifesting, such as uttering a desire or hope while holding the crystal meditating.
  • By immersing them in a bath (make sure the crystal can be in the water).

It would help if you washed crystals after using them because they are supposed to absorb energy.

Other well-liked gems and their applications:

Hundreds of different gemstones are available for those who utilize crystals for healing. The following kinds are some of the most common:

Clear Quartz

For thousands of years, healers have employed clear quartz to calm the mind and restore health to the body.

Rose quartz

The rose quartz stone is considered to expand the heart chakra to promote love and forgiveness, just like its pink tint.


Red Jasper is said to boost both creativity and motivation.


A crystal called obsidian is reputed to serve as a barrier against negative energy, stress, and anxiety.


This "manifestation stone" is said to have the power to manifest desires and aspirations. Additionally, it is a stone of pleasure and positivity.

Unlike amethysts, there is no scientific proof to support the healing abilities of other stones. So few of these studies may be partly due to their design difficulty.

Two popular gemstone beads:

Ruby beads: Ruby is a type of mineral corundum that ranges from pinkish-red to blood-red (aluminum oxide). One of the most well-liked traditional jewelry jewels is the ruby, which is also quite strong. Another name for ruby beads is sapphire beads.

Emerald beads: Emerald beads is a gemstone and a kind of beryl (Be3Al2(SiO3)6) that has been tinted green by minute quantities of chromium or, sometimes, vanadium.


Although no scientific proof supports the belief that amethysts offer healing abilities for the mind and body, these rumors persist.

Despite this, they continue to be stunning, colorful, and ornamental stones that could support your concentration during meditation. If you want to get the best birthstone beads you can contact with wholesaler of gemstone beads like Jindal Gems Jaipur, one of the India best gemstone beads manufacturer.