We regularly visit in Mozambique in different mines located in different areas of Mozambique.

We visit Mozambique to source Red Garnet,Rhodolite Garnet,Aquamarine,Tourmaline,Spinel,Ruby,Morganite etc Gemstones.To get these roughs we need to visit various mines of Mozambique including Cuamba,Shimoi,Montepuez,Mayoni,Moropino,Nampula etc.There are various mines in Mozambique who mine just for us as we buy the roughs in big quantity to get the best rates.

We directly go to each mines in Mozambique to get the best quality gemstones to get best quality gemstone beads or gemstones out of them. We generally have stock of the roughs we get from Mozambique and different countries so that we can do the custom cuts for the customers.

We source these roughs to be directly imported in our factory to be manufactured into Gemstone Beads of fine quality at wholesale prices as we cut down the cost of the dealers who sell the roughs in jaipur and also as we have our own manufacturing or factory units so all middle costs are being cut by us to supply our customers with best quality gemstone beads at wholesale rates.